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GridSite 1.5.x Documentation

GridSite is a set of extensions to the Apache 2.0 webserver, which support Grid security based on X.509 certificates. Since GridSite applies access control within Apache itself, via mod_gridsite, Grid authorization and the associated verified credentials are available to all technologies supported by Apache, including static file serving, SSI, CGI, PHP, JSP and mod_perl.

The GridSite Wiki includes guides and cookbook examples about using GridSite, along with up to date information about the APIs.


The following reference documents and man pages are put in /usr/share/doc/gridsite-VERSION when GridSite is installed.

A command line tool for copying files to or from HTTP(S) servers.

An Apache 2.0 module which enforces access control via Grid Access Control Lists, and X.509, GSI or VOMS credentials. mod_gridsite also gives Apache built-in support for the HTTP PUT and DELETE methods, and formatting of HTML pages with standard headers and footers.

A modified version of suexec(8), for use with mod_gridsite(8). gsexec allows CGI programs to be run as pool users, depending on the client's X.509 identity or the directory in which the CGI is located.

httpd-fileserver.conf and httpd-webserver.conf
Example configuration files for simple HTTP(S) fileservers and webservers, with explanatory comments.

A command for URL-encoding strings.

The findproxyfile command returns full path to a GSI Proxy file, either in the proxy cache maintained by the GridSite G-HTTPS and delegation portType functions, or in other standard places.

An RPM SPEC file which can be used to build the FUSE kernel module, library and commands on Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x systems, for use with SlashGrid.

gridsite.h API reference
A detailed description of the C API provided by libgridsite, generated from the sources by doxygen.

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