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GridHTTP, Delegation protocol, Compact credentials, Namespaces


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GRACE Paradigm, Webservices on GridSite, Access Control model

This Wiki ( provides a flexible area for howtos, hints, ideas and hacks related to the various products of the GridSite project.

The aim is generate informal documentation before we're ready to write things up in a proper guide or paper: when it comes to documentation, as long as it's accurate, Something is always better than Nothing.

GridSite's Wiki uses the GridSiteWiki version of MediaWiki ( - the same software used by WikiPedia (, but with user authentication based on X.509 certificates rather than usernames and passwords.

This means that anyone in the GridSite user or developer community can log-in using an X.509 certificate and add their own howtos and hints, or modify the ones that are already here. For example, this is a great place to make a permanent record of those emails we all write explaining how to do something.

(GridSiteWiki is itself available under the GPL for use on other websites.)

To start reading, see the list of all pages. We currently have 40 articles in this Wiki.