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GridSite Discussion List

GridSite Discussion List

[email protected]

A list for discussion of the GridSite library and Apache extensions, for users to ask questions about the GridSite system, and for announcements of new major, minor or patch versions of the software.

(There is a separate list, gridsite-announce, just for the announcements of new major and minor versions - for example, from 1.0.x to 1.1.x)

To subscribe to gridsite-discuss, send a mail to [email protected] with this line in the body of the message:

SUBSCRIBE gridsite-discuss

You can leave the list at any time by sending this message to [email protected], from the same email address you subscribed with:

UNSUBSCRIBE gridsite-discuss


You can post to the list by mailing [email protected] from the address you subscribed with.

List Archives

The List Archives are available at JISCmail.

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