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FUSE - Filesystem in Userspace (http://fuse.sourceforge.net/) - is a Linux kernel module which forms the basis of GridSite's SlashGrid filesystem HTTP(S) client.

FUSE became a part of the official Linux kernel with version 2.6.14, but had existed as a third-party module for several years (originally as part of the AVFS project.)

RedHat's community supported distribution, Fedora Core, includes the kernel module for the FC4 and FC5 releases (and FC6 in development), with the libraries and commands available as part of Fedora Extras.

Since RedHat Enterprise Linux (and therefore Scientific Linux) has not yet reached kernel 2.6.14, it is necessary to produce FUSE binaries ourselves. A suitable fuse.spec is in the core GridSite doc directory for version 1.3.0 and above, and some binary RPMs are published in the download area (http://www.gridsite.org/download/fuse/).