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Binary RPMs for gSOAP, a toolkit of compilers and libraries for the development of SOAP-based web services. gSOAP is used by GridSite's web service components ( in CVS.)

In the RPM release numbers, SL307 = Scientific Linux 3.0.7; SL43 = Scientific Linux 4.3 (Scientific Linux is a redistributable rebuild of RedHat Enterprise Linux from its sources.)

The gsoap-devel.spec file distributed in GridSite-WS's doc directory contains instructions on how to build RPMs on other platforms, or with later versions of gSOAP from SourceForge.

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gsoap-devel-2.7.6b-1SL43.i386.rpm65079416:18 6 Jun 06
gsoap-devel-2.7.6b-1SL43.src.rpm597691416:18 6 Jun 06
gsoap-devel-2.7.6b-1SL44.i386.rpm234391215:3722 Feb 07
gsoap-devel-2.7.6b-1SL44.src.rpm597693015:3722 Feb 07
gsoap-devel-2.7.6b-1SL307.i386.rpm64345616:28 6 Jun 06
gsoap-devel-debuginfo-2.7.6b-1SL44.i386.rpm43716815:3722 Feb 07

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