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Directory listing /download/fuse/

Binary RPMs for FUSE, a Linux kernel module and library for the development of userspace filesystems. FUSE is used by GridSite's SlashGrid HTTP(S) client.

SL307 = Scientific Linux 3.0.7; SL43 = Scientific Linux 4.3 (Scientific Linux is a redistributable rebuild of RedHat Enterprise Linux from its sources.) The RPM filenames include the OS version and the kernel version. For example, fuse-2.5.3-3SL43_2.6.9_34.EL.i386.rpm has FUSE version 2.5.3, is RPM packaging release 3, was built on SL 4.3, and includes a FUSE module built for kernel 2.6.9_34.EL.

The fuse.spec file distributed in GridSite's doc directory contains instructions on how to build RPMs on other platforms, or with later versions of FUSE from SourceForge.

[Parent directory]
fuse-2.5.3-3SL43_2.6.9_34.EL.i386.rpm21978901:12 4 Jun 06
fuse-2.5.3-3SL43_2.6.9_34.EL.src.rpm41478901:18 4 Jun 06
fuse-2.5.3-3SL43_2.6.9_42.0.3.EL.i386.rpm22146013:1913 Nov 06
fuse-2.5.3-3SL307_2.4.21_40.EL.i386.rpm7484501:12 4 Jun 06
fuse-2.5.3-3SL307_2.4.21_47.0.1.EL.i386.rpm7489415:14 5 Jun 07
fuse-2.5.3-3SL307_2.4.21_47.0.1.EL.src.rpm41480315:14 5 Jun 07
fuse-debuginfo-2.5.3-3SL43_2.6.9_42.0.3.EL.i386.rpm12516013:1913 Nov 06
fuse-debuginfo-2.5.3-3SL307_2.4.21_47.0.1.EL.i386.rpm10706315:14 5 Jun 07
fuse-devel-2.5.3-3SL43_2.6.9_34.EL.i386.rpm2034201:12 4 Jun 06
fuse-devel-2.5.3-3SL43_2.6.9_42.0.3.EL.i386.rpm2036113:1913 Nov 06
fuse-devel-2.5.3-3SL307_2.4.21_40.EL.i386.rpm2036101:12 4 Jun 06
fuse-devel-2.5.3-3SL307_2.4.21_47.0.1.EL.i386.rpm2039715:14 5 Jun 07
fuse-libs-2.5.3-3SL43_2.6.9_34.EL.i386.rpm3894401:12 4 Jun 06
fuse-libs-2.5.3-3SL43_2.6.9_42.0.3.EL.i386.rpm3896913:1913 Nov 06
fuse-libs-2.5.3-3SL307_2.4.21_40.EL.i386.rpm4016801:12 4 Jun 06
fuse-libs-2.5.3-3SL307_2.4.21_47.0.1.EL.i386.rpm4017915:14 5 Jun 07

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