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GRSTx509Cert Struct Reference

Data Fields

int type
int errors
char * issuer
char * dn
char * value
time_t notbefore
time_t notafter
int delegation
int serial
char * ocsp
void * raw
void * next

Field Documentation

int GRSTx509Cert::delegation

char* GRSTx509Cert::dn

int GRSTx509Cert::errors

char* GRSTx509Cert::issuer

void* GRSTx509Cert::next

time_t GRSTx509Cert::notafter

time_t GRSTx509Cert::notbefore

char* GRSTx509Cert::ocsp

void* GRSTx509Cert::raw

int GRSTx509Cert::serial

int GRSTx509Cert::type

char* GRSTx509Cert::value

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