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The python script voms2gacl can be used for creating .gacl files by a by contacting a VOMS server and creating a .gacl with the members of VOMS group or Role. It is especially useful for restricting access from non-voms enabled clients to .gacl enabled services.

The obvious use case is for adding .gacl files to gridsite enabled webserver that you wish to restrict page views with a web browser to members of VO.


voms2gacl Steve Traylen <[email protected]>

This utility can be used for creating .gacl files containing a list of DNs that are contained within a voms group or role.

To use the command:

voms2gacl --help
voms2gacl: Converts a .voms2gacl file to a .gacl file
voms2gacl -h     Print this help
voms2gacl [-v] [ -d directory ] [ -k hostkey.pem ] [ -c hostcert.pem ]
          -v              Enable verbose mode
          -d directory    Specify a directory to process.
                          Default directory is .
          -k hostkey.pem  Location of hostkey. Default /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem.
          -c hostcert.pem Location of hostkey. Default /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem.
          -t threshold    Threshold, if a VOMS listing contains less than threshold users
                          the program exits. Designed to